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Scott Keller, General Counsel To U.S. Senator Cruz and Free Lunch
The Federalist Society and Delta Theta Phi are co-hosting Mr. Keller on Thursday, October 23 at Noon in Room 105. Mr. Keller will speak about executive overreach and McAlister's Deli will be served for lunch.

Originator: Matthew Sims            Posted On :   10/22/2014
Today's Events 

State of the Legislature Tomorrow! Free Lunch!
At 12:00 p.m. tomorrow, October 24th, in the Hunt Courtroom, Representatives Charles Perry and John Frullo will examine issues facing the Texas legislature in the upcoming session in a discussion moderated by Professor Don Richards.

Originator: Emily Quast            Posted On :   10/23/2014
This Week's Events 

LAST DAY!!!! Halloween Bash Tickets on sale TODAY outside the forum!
Today is the LAST DAY to buy tickets! Come by the BoB table outside the forum to buy your ticket today!

Originator: Shannon Crocker            Posted On :   10/23/2014
This Week's Events 

Paint a House for Habitat for Humanity this SUNDAY
Painting will take place from 1:00–4:00 p.m. Location TBD. Please email Christi at to sign up.

Originator: Christi Schofield            Posted On :   10/23/2014
This Week's Events 

Today: Outlines: Oops! I Have Not Started Yet OR I Am Having Trouble
See full announcement for details.

Originator: Amy Jarmon            Posted On :   10/23/2014
Academic Announcements 

The Art of Resumes & Cover Letters; Tuesday, October 28 at Noon in Room 107
Your resume & cover letter create a first impression with employers. We will discuss building your resume with content that employers expect see and advocating for yourself by writing a persuasive cover letter. Tuesday, Oct. 28 @ noon in Room 107.

Originator: Jobe Rodgers            Posted On :   10/23/2014
Career Services 

1L Judicial Internships; Wednesday, October 29 at Noon in Room 109
Judicial internships provide a unique opportunity to learn a wide variety of practice areas while learning from the person responsible for deciding the issues. Learn how the judicial internship process works. Wednesday, October 29 at noon in Room 109

Originator: Jobe Rodgers            Posted On :   10/23/2014
Career Services 

Scheduled Upgrade for eRaider Login Services
The IT Division will be performing an upgrade on the servers that host the eRaider login services, Friday, October 24, from 3:00AM to 5:00AM.

Originator: Beixin Ni            Posted On :   10/23/2014
Internet Communications 

TODAY! Secular Legal Society DEBATE! FREE LUNCH
Join us TODAY (10/23) at noon in Room 109 for a debate between Professor Loewy and Greg Lipper. Topic: Should public schools include the teaching of intelligent design in their curriculums?

Originator: Lizette Cortez            Posted On :   10/23/2014
Student Organization Events 

Clark Neily-Senior Counsel for the Institute for Justice/Free Lunch
The Federalist Society is hosting Clark Neily on Tuesday, October 28th at Noon in Room 109. He will be speaking about Judicial Engagement. You don't want to miss out on hearing him speak.

Originator: Matthew Sims            Posted On :   10/22/2014
Student Organization Events