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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of announcements can be posted on TechLawAnnounce?

For a complete review of submission policies, see Posting Policy.
Any event or announcement related to Texas Tech University School of Law can be posted on TechLawAnnounce – but all announcements are vetted through an approval process.
You cannot post items for sale on TechLawAnnounce – these types of messages should be posted in the SideBar (forums for Law School Community).
All TechLawAnnouncements must be submitted by a Texas Tech University School of Law employee or current student representing a department, school, or organization for the university.
All TechLawAnnouncements about School of Law related events that are held on or off campus must be sponsored/hosted by a Texas Tech department/school/organization. In addition, announcements that promote fund-raisers or other events that involve monetary and/or non-monetary benefit to an organization or department (University-related only) may be submitted for distribution through TechLawAnnounce.
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How do I get on the list to receive TechLawAnnounce e-mails?

All School of Law Staff, Faculty and Students are set to receive TechLawAnnounce messages based on a defined set of default categories. To change these categories, go to the TechLawAnnounce website and click the “Personalize My TechLawAnnounce” link in the left column.
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How do I post something on TechLawAnnounce?

Visit the TechLawAnnounce website and click the “Post an Announcement” link on the left column. Read the policies and click the “Agree and Post an Announcement” button. Sign-in with your eRaider username and password, enter the required fields, then select the appropriate message categories. Note that each message can be included in up to three categories. If the announcement is regarding an event, you may also enter event details. Click the “Preview” button to preview your announcement; then click the “Submit” button to post it.  
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Can a prior TechLawAnnounce be edited for future posting?

Yes, announcements which have not yet been sent through the TechLawAnnounce e-mail can be edited by navigating to the TechLawAnnounce website and after signing in clicking the “View/Edit Previous Posting” link in the left column. From there, find the announcement you wish to edit and click the “Edit Announcement” icon.
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Can non-Law School, TTU Faculty, Staff and Students receive the School of Law’s TechLawAnnounce messages?

TTU affiliates can now subscribe to TechLawAnnounce in the same way that TTU affiliates can. By default, they are subscribed to no categories, but they can change this at any time by navigating to the TechLawAnnounce website and clicking the “Personalize My TechLawAnnounce” link in the left column.
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What is the submission deadline for TechLawAnnounce?

Announcements must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance. However, all efforts are made to include all announcements that are posted previous to any given announcement cycle.
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Who can I contact with technical questions about TechLawAnnounce?

All questions related to TechLawAnnounce should be directed to staff in the Office for Student Life (LANR 251).
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Who do I contact regarding Law School policies for using TechLawAnnounce?

For inquiries regarding policies for using TechLaw Announce, please contact the Associate Dean for Student Life & the Student Life Staff.  
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