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1Ls: File Your Declaration of Intent to Study Law

What’s a Declaration of Intention to Study Law? This is the first part of your application to practice law in the state of Texas. It is the beginning of the required character and fitness background check.

Who needs to file one? Any first-year law student and any transfer student who transferred to Tech Law from a law school outside of Texas who plans to (or might) sit for the bar exam in Texas. The only people who should NOT file a Declaration are students who know for sure they will NOT be sitting for the Texas bar exam.

Where can I find it? > Applications > Declaration of Intention to Study Law

When is it due? For fall-entry students, the postmark deadline is October 1. For summer-entry students, the postmark deadline is September 15.

Will it take long to fill out? Yes, it’s very time-consuming. Give yourself plenty of time to complete it.

Can I file it late? Yes, but there’s a $150 late fee, and who wants to pay that?

Is there a filing fee? Yes, timely-filed Declarations must be accompanied by a $190 payment.

Where can I find a notary public? There are several notaries at the law school who will notarize for you for free. Check with Lynn Karnavas in the Administration office.

Do I need to get fingerprinted? Yes. Fingerprinting will be available on campus on October 3 - 5 (Scheduling information will be coming shortly.) You will need to be fingerprinted even if you have been recently fingerprinted for another purpose. Fingerprinting will cost approximately $10.

What if I have other questions? Read all instructions and FAQ available from the BLE, and take those instructions literally. (They’re worded very carefully.)

Please contact Professors Kyle Velte or Bill Keffer with any questions for this process. 


Erica Lux


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