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Circulation of OASP Study Aids - New Rules


Beginning Saturday, April 27th you may check out ONLY ONE ITEM for 24 HOURS – this includes all weekdays and weekends through May 13th

OASP materials MUST be returned to the law library circulation desk. Do NOT return them to the OASP study aids library.

No renewals are allowed on any materials.

There is no waiting list system for OASP library materials.

Please do NOT re-check out the only copy of a study aid volume within 24 hours of its being returned to the law library circulation desk. If multiple copies of the same study aid volume are available, you may check out another copy within the 24 hours.

During this time period, the law library circulation desk staff will NOT check out items that are on the re-shelving cart but which have not been taken back to OASP yet. The law library circulation desk staff try to take materials to OASP for re-shelving more frequently during reading/exam period.

You MUST properly check out OASP materials through the circulation computer in the OASP suite. Please note the common errors in the checkout process that you can remedy:

a. If you get an error message when you scan your student identification card:
1. Make sure the cursor is in the white box.
2. If that does not solve the problem, you need to take your student ID card to the law library circulation desk and get your status in the computer changed BEFORE you take the item from OASP. After you resolve the ID problem with the law library, you may then return to OASP and check out the item.

b. If you get an error message when you scan the book bar code:
1. You probably have scanned the wrong bar code. You need to scan the bar code label (usually on the front of the item) NOT the publisher’s bar code on the book cover.
2. If that does not solve the problem, try a different copy of the same item and check out that one instead.
3. If that does not solve the problem, ask an OASP work study receptionist or Dean Jarmon to help you.

c. If you have other problems, ask an OASP work study receptionist or Dean Jarmon to assist you. Do not take any items from OASP without checking them out properly.

Remember that the law library reserve collection does have some extra copies of OASP study aids available for student check-out.

Please be considerate of other students when using the OASP library study aids:
1. check out materials per the requirements;
2. return materials promptly;
3. do NOT write, mark, or highlight in any materials;
4. return all tapes, CD’s, handouts, instruction books or other materials that are included in flash card sets or audio sets;

Please see the earlier information provided on the extended hours for OASP during the remainder of the semester.

Reminder: All OASP library items are covered by the Honor Code. It is an Honor Code offense to not properly check out an item from OASP, to write in, or otherwise damage an OASP library item.

All items checked out from OASP must be returned before you leave town for your summer break, but no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 20th.

If you have any questions, contact Dean Jarmon at

Good luck on exams!

Dr. Amy L. Jarmon
Assistant Dean for Academic Success Programs
Texas Tech University School of Law
1802 Hartford Avenue
Lubbock, TX 79409-0004
(806) 742-3990, ext. 294
(806) 742-0251 fax


Amy Jarmon


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