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Final Exam Test Move - Deadline Tuesday, April 9

According to the Student Handbook on page 14, "Students who have two exams scheduled at the same hour may postpone one of the exams to the next open day on their schedule, unless doing so would create an additional conflict which would otherwise qualify for rescheduling an exam.  In such cases, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will determine the exam schedule.   Students who have two exams scheduled on the same day plus an exam scheduled the preceding or following day may postpone one of the exams to the next open day on their schedule, provided that they request rescheduling by the deadline announced by the Registrar."  If this pertains to you and you would like to reschedule a final exam, please complete a form that is located on the front administrative counter and drop it in Robyn Lamb's box on or before 5 PM, Tuesday, April 9.  On the form, you will need to circle all of your exams and  indicate which exam that you want moved to the next available test date on your schedule.

Under no circumstance should you speak to your professor about moving an exam.  Dean Gonzalez must approve all other exam moves.  Students who request a test move will receive further details before the final examination period.


PAM Yager


School of Law