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2Ls or 3Ls interested in being on SBA

As a write-in candidate you must follow these rules from the election code or YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

§ 4.11 – Write-In Candidates


(a)   All write-In candidates are permitted to receive votes during any election. However, no official or unofficial write-in candidate may post any campaign signs or posters as this is a privilege reserved only to duly registered candidates.


(b)  All official write-in candidates must comply with the eligibility qualifications in the Constitution of the Student Bar Association and attend the SBA Election Informational Meeting.


(c)  In the event that a write-in candidate is ineligible to serve in the office for which he or she receives votes, the votes for that candidate shall be declared void and they shall not count towards the final tally of the number of people voting.


(d)  Official Write-in Candidates may openly campaign on their own behalf. Unofficial Write-in Candidates may not openly campaign on their own behalf. However, other students may campaign for them. 


(1)  “Official Write-In Candidate” – A person who receives votes in an election and who meets all qualifications, including attending the informational meeting, to run for and serve in the office being sought and who has timely filed a write-in candidate form with the Student Bar Association, and/or other requisite agency or office.


Steven Cannon