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Texas Tech Law Review Publication Announcement



On behalf of the Board of Editors for Volume 45 of the Texas Tech Law Review, I am pleased to

announce the selection of the following Staff Member comments for publication in our journal.

Please join me in congratulating these 2L students on this accomplishment!

Volume 45, Book 4

Checking the Box Is Not Enough: The Impact of Texas Rice Land Partners Ltd. v. Denbury Green Pipeline-

Texas LLC and Texas’s Eminent Domain Reforms on the Common Carrier Application Process

Megan James

My Country or My Child?: How State Enactment of the Uniformed Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act Will

Allow Service Members to Protect Their Country & Fight for Their Children

Brittany Jenkins

Standing Their Ground: Corporations’ Fight for Religious Rights in Light of the Enactment of the Patient Protection and

Affordable Care Act Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

Katherine Lepard

Running the Gauntlet: Wolcott v. Sebelius Reveals Loopholes in the Medicare Part B Appeals Process that the Fifth

Circuit Cannot (or Will Not) Close

Lorna McMillion

Volume 46, Book 2

Overly Broad Patents on Nanostructures: How Patent Policy Obstructs the Development of Cancer Diagnostics and

Treatments on a Macro Scale

Anastasia Carter

So How Do You Hold This Thing Again?: Why the Texas Supreme Court Should Turn the Safety Off a Negligent

Entrustment of a Firearm Cause of Action

Jefferson Fisher

Access Denied: Why the Supreme Court’s Decision in Shelby v. Holder May Disenfranchise Texas Minority Voters

Angelica Rolong

Going to the Dogs: The Successes, Failures, and Hopes for the Future of Texas Animal Law

Jessica Rugeley

Texas Tech Law Review Online Edition

A Job Creator or Investor Peril?: A Texas Practitioner’s Guide to the Crowdfunding Exemption Under Title III of the


Scott Bailey

I Think We Should Talk: Why Texas Property Owners Want to Break Up with Their Water & Wastewater Utility

Provider and the Fight for Fair Water Utility Rates Across the State

Katie Olson


Nicholas Hendrix


School of Law