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EPJ Publication Announcement

The EPJ would like to congratulate all of our staff editors on completing their comments and the following students for their selection for publication:


Comments chosen for the upcoming volumes of the Estate Planning & Community Property Law Journal:

Michael Campbell: Art and Antique Estates: A Guide to Planning for Life and Death

Andrea Farkas: I’ll Be Back? The Complications Heirs Face When Terminating A Deceased Author’s Online Copyright Licenses

Reid Hudgins: A New Immigration Demographic: Considerations for the Texas Attorney

Ashley Lucas: The Game of Russian Roulette: A Practitioner’s Guide to Protecting Professional Athletes From “The Final Head Blow” During The Estate Planning Process

Mari Park: The Parent Trap: Health care Retirement Corp. of America v. Pittas, How it Reinforced Filial Responsibility Laws, and Whether Filial Responsibility Laws Can Really Make You Pay

Lauralee Strange: Inheritance for the Illegitimate: Children of Rape and the Need for Progressive Interstate Reform in Texas

Comments chosen for The Codicil, EPJ's Online Companion:

Steven Cannon: What’s It Worth? How Can an Asset Without a Market be Valued at a Fair Market Value?

Taylor Darby
: Loving Partners, Legal Strangers: Estate Planning Amidst Heated Heated Debate, Disappointment and Disagreement

Anh Tran
: Gifts of the Future: The Legal and Moral Implications of a Testator Devising a Cryopreserved Anatomical Gift to A Beneficiary Who Does Not Yet Need the Gift

Travis Weaver: Michigan or Bust: McKeehan v. McKeehan and the Disastrous Result When Conflicting Choice of Law Provisions Constrain Right of Survivorship Agreements

Torrie Taylor