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New Student Organization Information
All students seeking to create a new temporary student organization must meet the following requirements:

1. First receive approval from the Associate Dean of External Relations (Dean Julie Doss at

2. Upon receiving approval, notify the Student Bar Association VP of Student Organizations (Lara Wynn at and provide:

      a. Organization Constitution

     b. Organization Bylaws

      c. List of at least 5 members (including officers); and

     d. Organization Mission Statement

3. Sections (1.) and (2.) must be completed within 4 weeks of the first day of class for the semester the group seeks temporary status. [Due Thursday, February 7.]

4. Upon completion of the following steps, the proposed organization is required to give a presentation at a SBA general meeting.

     a. The presentation must last no longer than 5 minutes (not including questions and answers).

     b. A reasonable time will be allotted for questions and answers.

     c. PowerPoint presentations may not be used.

5. Majority vote by the SBA determines whether to grant or deny temporary status to the organization.

6. If denied temporary status, the proposed organization may petition for temporary status the following semester, following the procedures in steps 1-4.

Please email Lara Wynn at with any questions. Thank you!


Lara Wynn